Kiss Me

(Français) Kiss Me est le mascara original inventé pour former de minuscules “tubes” résistants à l’eau autour de vos cils, contrairement aux mascaras conventionnels, qui ne font que les peindre…

Kiss Me is the original mascara invented to form tiny “tubes” water resistant around your lashes , unlike conventional mascaras, who only paint .
Once applied, the mascara is resistant to tears and abrasion : it does not drip, does not spread !
Whatever your daily activities , you can go from the office to the training room and the restaurant, your lashes will always be as beautiful , just as when applying mascara earlier in the morning.

Kiss Me mascara adds volume and length to give you a radiant and natural look that lasts all day .
And when you want to remove the tubes will slide your eyelashes effortlessly without the use of a cleanser.

All you need is a combination of warm water and gentle pressure , from your fingertips to slide the tubes, you can even see the tiny tubes in your hands !

Kiss Me Mascara has been clinically tested to be non- irritating, making it ideal for sensitive eyes or those who wear contact lenses.